Slim2020 and Y.N.M.S 2020 advisor A

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The tests were carried out on the accounts in the tester, since the robot is new, but they were tested for 3 months with modifications.
With a deposit of 10,000 conventional units, whether standard or cent.
The default settings are for this particular deposit and for trading one pair, on TF M5 on GBPUSD.
For each pair, select your stop and profit, as well as trailing.
And the main thing is to work through a VPS (link above) so that the robot works constantly and monitors transactions 24 hours a day.
As a robot for auto-trading. And also we do not judge for one day, the robot must catch the mood of the market.
And do not forget to completely load the quotes for the currency pairs on which you will trade.

Both Expert Advisors with different algorithms, I will omit the details. Your task is to get profit.
Slim 2020 must be installed first of all: stop, profit. for a used need, the test was done only with a stop and a profit. So the result can be improved by invoicing without a loss. I tried trailing, the result is not very good, but I will leave it. It all depends on the volatility of each pair (keep an eye on this).
Y.N.M.S 2020 You just need to select a lot, entry and exit are included in the robot.

And don't forget about VPS ( and change the magic number. Well, we are watching the risks. The market does not forgive mistakes.

Account linking. Each individual binding 1 demo and 1 real for 3 months.

The slim advisor will be issued as a gift, without binding.!!!

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