General issues
General questions about trading and related things
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To help the trader
Books, articles, translations, interviews with major traders
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Payment systems
Discussion of electronic payment systems (EPS): features, secrets, pitfalls
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Smoking room
Talking about painful
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Manual trading
Interactive Trading
We discuss the current market situation, share analysis, positions, goals.
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Traders Diaries
The section where you can create and maintain your trading diary
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Trading systems
Trading systems
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Делимся и обсуждаем различные индикаторы для торговли
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Useful scripts to automate some of the operations in the terminal
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Automatic Trading Systems (EA)
Forex experts
Forex experts, advisors and robots
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Programmer's Corner
We discuss everything related to MQL programming
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Blacklist of experts
Scams, drainers and other things that should be avoided.
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Forex brokers and VPS services
Forex Brokers
We discuss various DCs, share trading experience
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Forex brokers blacklist
Fraudulent Dealing Centers
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VPS services
Discussion of providers providing virtual server services
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Discussion of fluctuations in the rate and future of a particular cryptocurrency (token).
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Cryptocurrency exchanges
Platforms where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies
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General questions about crypt
We discuss wallets, mining, new laws and other things related to the world of cryptonomics
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Binary Options
Strategies and Indicators
Trading systems and indicators for trading Binary Options
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Binary Options Brokers
Discussion of companies providing trading services for Binary Options
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